Evelyn Goh FBA FASSA is the Shedden Professor of Strategic Policy Studies at the Australian National University. Evelyn is a scholar of International Relations (IR) theory and practice. She is also a regional expert in the sense that she studies China, the U.S., Northeast and Southeast Asia. She has used her regional expertise to reshape some of the most important theories and concepts in Political Science – security, strategy, international order, hegemony, hierarchy, power, and influence.

Evelyn is the author of several acclaimed books: The Struggle for Order: Hegemony, Hierarchy and Transition in Post-Cold War East Asia, Constructing the US Rapprochement with China, 1961-1974, and Re-thinking Sino-Japanese Alienation: History Problems and Historical Opportunities (with Barry Buzan). Her current projects study the interactions between Chinese investment and influence, and domestic politics in Southeast Asia.