The Infrastructure of China's Influence: Connecting Developmentalism, Nation-building, and Regime Security in Asia
Funded by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant (2019-2022), this project investigates how China uses infrastructure-driven development to wield international influence, by studying how Chinese ideas of ‘developmentalism’ interact with nation-building and regime security imperatives in Indonesia, Myanmar and Laos.
Connecting Chinese Investment and Influence in Southeast Asia
This project investigates the impacts of Chinese investment states in Southeast Asia, providing an important region-wide analysis that allows quantitative and qualitative comparisons and facilitates policy calibration and focus. It is part of the SEARBO project led by Prof. Paul Hutchcroft.

Project Publications

____New Mandala Report on Chinese Investment in Southeast Asia (2020).

A collaborative multi-year project (ongoing since 2014) that develops an original ‘Strategic Diplomacy’ model of diagnostic analysis and policy-making for complex systems problems in international relations. Prantl and Goh are creating unique cross-regional and thematic research case files of effective concepts and practice; new postgraduate education and executive training; and an extensive engagement program with global end-user communities.

Project Publications—

____Strategic Diplomacy in Asia’, East Asia Forum Quarterly 9:2 (April-June 2017).
____Why Strategic Diplomacy Matters,’ East Asia Forum Quarterly 9:2 (April-June 2017).

____Strategic Diplomacy in Northeast Asia’, Global Asia 11:4 (Winter 2016).

Supported by Australian Department of Defence Strategic Policy Grant funding, this project facilitates research into strategy and strategic policy in the Asia-Pacific; develops and delivers a suite of original Professional Education Courses for Defence; and allows innovative engagement with senior defence officials on crucial strategic challenges.

A suite of four Executive Education short (5-day) courses designed exclusively for the Department of Defence, delivered by leading ANU scholars:
(1) Strategic Policy for the Asia-Pacific (Evelyn Goh)
(2) Strategic Diplomacy in Asia (Jochen Prantl & Evelyn Goh)
(3) Chinese Security Policy-making (Amy King)
(4) Crises and Conflicts in Contested Asia (Brendan Taylor).

The suite is based on in-depth academic research expertise, recent scholarly publications, and prior graduate teaching experience by the specially selected team members. Subjects were developed in consultation with Strategic Policy and a range of Defence stakeholders.
This project investigates the changing meaning and significance of being American allies or strategic partners, in a fast-evolving international order. Academic contributors have conducted research on a dozen countries in the Asia-Pacific and Europe. These include Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, the UK, and Vietnam. We also had draft papers on NATO, Eastern Europe, Okinawa, and Taiwan.

Project Publications—

____Worldviews on the United States, Alliances, and the Changing International Order:

____ ‘An Introduction', Contemporary Politics, 26:4, 371-383.