Selected Talks
Living with China’s Resurgence in East Asia | Australian Centre on China in the World
In this lecture, Evelyn adopts insights from political ethnography to argue for an approach that privileges East Asian points of view and local/regional socio-political contexts to understand regional responses to a powerful China.

Evelyn Goh: Scholar in International Security | ANU Coral Bell School

In this talk, introduced by Dr Amy King, Evelyn discusses her experience as a woman scholar of international security. She unpacks the assumptions and challenges surrounding gender in international security scholarship and this academic career path.

East Asia's Non Great Powers: strategies for dealing with China's rise | London School of Economics
In this second of a series of lectures on Strategy: New Voices, Evelyn looks at the strategies of East Asia’s non-great powers for dealing with the rise of China.

Competing strategic imaginaries in Asia | ANU Coral Bell School

In this lecture, Evelyn analyses the three main competing strategic imaginaries of Asia today: the ‘Asia-Pacific’; a revived 'Greater Asia' made possible by China's resurgence; and the ‘Indo-Pacific’ visions. All three will persist for the foreseeable future, and will affect how international actors deal with Asia.